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Welcome and Rules.

:bulletpurple: A group dedicated to all the cosplayers and fans of League of Legends!

Please, do not upload more than 3 pictures of the same cosplay and remember to upload your photos in the CORRECT folder (they're divided depending on the initial of the name of the champion).

Have fun and help us upgrading this group! :heart:


:bulletblack: Do not spam.

:bulletblack: Do not upload more than 3 pictures of the same cosplay.

:bulletblack: Upload pictures in the CORRECT folder.

:bulletblack: Preview and incomplete cosplay are not accepted.

:bulletblack: Take care about your words or you'll be reported for "offensive language"!

Gallery Folders

Blade Queen Lissandra Cosplay by KNami
Get Jinxed by KNami
Nidalee from League of Legends by Baku-Project
League of Legends - Jinx (LoL) by Mari-Evans
A - Champs
Avarosa guide me by Aoime
Blood Moon Akali MTAC 2015 #9 by Lightning--Baron
Blood Moon Akali MTAC 2015 #5 by Lightning--Baron
Ashe Cosplay by Frimy
B - Champs
C - Champs
League of Legends: Caitlyn (AN15) by CocoChoco
Sheriff on duty by natsumi02
Headhunter Caitlyn Cosplay by DemoraFairy
Cosplay Caitlyn sheriff League of legend by Chromulee
D - Champs
Chosen of the moon by Daraya-crafts
Lunar Goddess Diana by zeldaandmidnafreak
Lunar Goddess Diana by zeldaandmidnafreak
Dark Valkyrie Diana - Daraya cosplay by Daraya-crafts
E - Champs
Blood Moon Elise: High Priestess of Vilemaw by MowkyCosplay
Blood Moon Elise: I have... refined tastes... by MowkyCosplay
Pulsefire Ezreal by Payne75474
League of Legends: Ezreal by Onewiinged
F - Champs
Headmistress Fiora - On the Floor by DyChanCos
Headmistress Fiora - Stumbling by DyChanCos
Headmistress Fiora is Watching by DyChanCos
Headmistress Fiora Cosplay by DyChanCos
G - Champs
Dino Gnar MTAC 2015 by Lightning--Baron
Ready to Strike by DireDestani
Gnar Pool Party by phisheecosplay
Miss Gragas: Liquor Connoisseur by MowkyCosplay
H - Champs
For Great SCIENCE! by xHee-Heex
I - Champs
Irelia by Daraya-crafts
Irelia - League of Legends by Daraya-crafts
My blade is at your service, summoner! by Daraya-crafts
Infiltrator Irelia_ by JamieCool
J - Champs
Janna sea01 by Dewbunch
Janna fountain03 by Dewbunch
Hextech Janna by Ju-Kisu-chanX3
The Storm's Fury by Taya-naja
K - Champs
Katarina Red Card - League Of Legends by Wongcosplaybr
Decimation of Demacia by EnvisageU
Popstar Kayle Cosplay by DemoraFairy
When the Dust Settles... by EnvisageU
L - Champs
Ravenborn LeBlanc Cosplay by ToukoCosplay
Popstar Leona in Silesia by Daraya-crafts
Popstar Leona - LoL - based on Loiza art by Daraya-crafts
Lulu at Fan Expo 2014 by Lightning--Baron
M - Champs
Arcade Miss Fortune by rocknroler
Miss Fortune Mafia by Feelyah
Miss fortune by DeeDee-pika
Miss Fortune 03 by Luthetium
N - Champs
Noc by Hadvi
Nidalee Cosplay - We'll prey on the civilized by ToukoCosplay
Battle Bunny Nidalee - Fear the Wild by ToukoCosplay
Battle Bunny Nidalee: 'The untamed know no fear' by ToukoCosplay
O - Champs
Dance with me, my pet. Dance with me into oblivion by magggg
P - Champs
Lollipoppy by Padfoot-D
League Of Legends Loli Poppy Cosplay by YominaSaika
poppy (LOL) by AnniaHY
League of Legends: Poppy Cosplay is srs bsns... by SpicaRy
Q - Champs
Demacia's Wings_ Quinn by JamieCool
You get the next one Val_ Quinn League of Legends by JamieCool
Woad Scout Quinn: Look Val, snacks by MowkyCosplay
R - Champs
Battle Bunny Riven MTAC 2015 #3 by Lightning--Baron
Battle Bunny Riven MTAC 2015 #2 by Lightning--Baron
Battle Bunny Riven at 2014 Fan Fare by Lightning--Baron
Riven. The Exile (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) by Akaomy
S - Champs
They will go no further! by RubeeAmadare
I will not to save you! by RubeeAmadare
Sona cosplay (League of Legends) by TheSweetAmy
Pool Party Sovereign ~ by Shady-Chan
T - Champs
Cutpurse Twisted Fate by RedAceCosplay
Talon by Hadvi
Wieje sandalem by Hadvi
Talon by Hadvi
U - Champs
V - Champs
Vladimir cosplay by XenoKrelian
Here I come to save the day... or wreck it. by elybock
Vi by elybock
Vladimir cosplay by XenoKrelian
W - Champs
Wukong, the Monkey King - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (II) by ExionYukoCosplay
My Place is a the top! by XantiMiko
Wukong cosplay (league of legends) Riot games by KororoKoropukkuru
Wukong cosplay (league og legends) by KororoKoropukkuru
X - Champs
Xin Zhao Warring kingdoms by Nflheim
Warrior Kingdom Xin Zhao, Gotcha by SenninUzumaki
Y - Champs
Yasuo Cosplay (original skin) by Ragnaradi
My honor left a long time ago by DaisyDA
Z - Champs
ZED - The Master of Shadows by edWRd-Cosplay
Zyra at the midlane (Northcon 2013) by MowkyCosplay
Zyra cosplay by Issabel by IssabelCosplay
Group Cosplay
SKT T1 Lee Sin and Zed MTAC 2015 #2 by Lightning--Baron
SKT T1 Lee Sin and Zed MTAC 2015 by Lightning--Baron
Ain't no party like a pool party-League of Legends by ShiVoodoo
Irelia vs Akali - time to fight! by Daraya-crafts









:bulletblue: Aatrox.
:bulletblue: Ahri.
:bulletblue: Akali.
:bulletblue: Alistar.
:bulletblue: Amumu.
:bulletblue: Anivia.
:bulletblue: Annie.
:bulletblue: Ashe.
:bulletblue: Azir.

:bulletblue: Bard.
:bulletblue: Blitzcrank.
:bulletblue: Brand.
:bulletblue: Braum.

:bulletblue: Caitlyn.
:bulletblue: Cassiopeia.
:bulletblue: Cho'Gath.
:bulletblue: Corki.

:bulletblue: Darius.
:bulletblue: Diana.
:bulletblue: Dr. Mundo.
:bulletblue: Draven.

:bulletblue: Ekko.
:bulletblue: Elise.
:bulletblue: Evelynn.
:bulletblue: Ezreal.

:bulletblue: Fiddlesticks.
:bulletblue: Fiora.
:bulletblue: Fizz.

:bulletblue: Galio.
:bulletblue: Gangplank.
:bulletblue: Garen.
:bulletblue: Gnar.
:bulletblue: Gragas.
:bulletblue: Graves.

:bulletblue: Hecarim.
:bulletblue: Heimerdinger.

:bulletblue: Irelia.

:bulletblue: Janna.
:bulletblue: Jarvan IV.
:bulletblue: Jax.
:bulletblue: Jayce.
:bulletblue: Jinx.

:bulletblue: Kalista.
:bulletblue: Karma.
:bulletblue: Karthus.
:bulletblue: Kassadin.
:bulletblue: Katarina.
:bulletblue: Kayle.
:bulletblue: Kennen.
:bulletblue: Kha'Zix.
:bulletblue: Kog'Maw.

:bulletblue: LeBlanc.
:bulletblue: Lee Sin.
:bulletblue: Leona.
:bulletblue: Lissandra.
:bulletblue: Lucian.
:bulletblue: Lulu.
:bulletblue: Lux.

:bulletblue: Malphite.
:bulletblue: Malzahar.
:bulletblue: Maokai.
:bulletblue: Master Yi.
:bulletblue: Miss Fortune.
:bulletblue: Mordekaiser.
:bulletblue: Morgana.

:bulletblue: Nami.
:bulletblue: Nasus.
:bulletblue: Nautilus.
:bulletblue: Nidalee.
:bulletblue: Nocturne.
:bulletblue: Nunu.

:bulletblue: Olaf.
:bulletblue: Orianna.

:bulletblue: Pantheon.
:bulletblue: Poppy.

:bulletblue: Quinn.

:bulletblue: Rammus.
:bulletblue: Rek'Sai.
:bulletblue: Renekton.
:bulletblue: Rengar.
:bulletblue: Riven.
:bulletblue: Rumble.
:bulletblue: Ryze.

:bulletblue: Sejuani.
:bulletblue: Shaco.
:bulletblue: Shen.
:bulletblue: Shyvana.
:bulletblue: Singed.
:bulletblue: Sion.
:bulletblue: Sivir.
:bulletblue: Skarner.
:bulletblue: Sona.
:bulletblue: Soraka.
:bulletblue: Swain.
:bulletblue: Syndra.

:bulletblue: Talon.
:bulletblue: Tahm Kench.
:bulletblue: Taric.
:bulletblue: Teemo.
:bulletblue: Thresh.
:bulletblue: Tristana.
:bulletblue: Trundle.
:bulletblue: Tryndamere.
:bulletblue: Twisted Fate.
:bulletblue: Twitch.

:bulletblue: Udyr.
:bulletblue: Urgot.

:bulletblue: Varus.
:bulletblue: Vayne.
:bulletblue: Veigar.
:bulletblue: Vel'Koz.
:bulletblue: Vi.
:bulletblue: Viktor.
:bulletblue: Vladimir.
:bulletblue: Volibear.

:bulletblue: Warwick.
:bulletblue: Wukong.

:bulletblue: Xerath.
:bulletblue: Xin Zhao.

:bulletblue: Yasuo.
:bulletblue: Yorick.

:bulletblue: Zac.
:bulletblue: Zed.
:bulletblue: Ziggs.
:bulletblue: Zilean.
:bulletblue: Zyra.
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